Chiropractic Medicare Training

Why Chiropractic Medicare Training Is Essential For Your Practice

October 23, 2023

Licensed chiropractors treat the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. Medicare only covers one treatment from a chiropractic physician—manual manipulation (also known as an adjustment) of the spine.

Learn how to incorporate Medicare coding, billing, and documentation into your practice efficiently and effectively. Medicare training is valuable for all practitioners, including doctors, assistants, and staff!

Increased Revenue

Accepting Medicare and knowing how to bill accurately opens up a new source of revenue for your practice. It can also help you create a steady influx of patients to grow your business.

Learn the ins and outs of Medicare coding, billing, and documentation. This course is designed for every chiropractic office – doctors and staff! Go at your own pace, watch, and rewatch as needed.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Medicare patients can be a valuable source of revenue for your chiropractic practice. But, working with Medicare patients requires specific knowledge and expertise to ensure your practice stays compliant.

Specifically, Medicare requires that subluxations be causally linked to the patient’s presenting symptoms. This is no different than requiring spine surgeons to document that the specific spinal level they’re adjusting generates the presenting pain.

Increased Staff Efficiency

If you’re not working with Medicare patients, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity for increased revenue. Fortunately, chiropractic medicare training can help you get started.

This comprehensive Medicare training course teaches chiropractors and their staff how to maximize billing and reimbursement for Medicare patients. It also covers HIPAA compliance, coding and documentation, and patient retention.

Increased Patient Referrals

As the baby boomer population ages, Medicare coverage opens your practice to a new group of patients. Identifying this patient base and offering Medicare services early on will allow you to create a niche for your chiropractic practice.

Promote your Medicare training to attract new patients and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your community. Invite your new patients to a helpful & engaging new patient orientation class and offer something special for those who bring in a guest.

Many patients need to learn that chiropractic care can treat various conditions. Adding an informative new patient orientation class and encouraging patients to invite friends or family members can help you expand your network and increase patient referrals.

Evidence points to enhanced clinical outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and high satisfaction among Medicare beneficiaries who visit chiropractors. This should encourage a policy change, ending the marginalization and inequities of limited coverage for this care.

Increasing the number of Medicare patients in your practice can quickly generate new sources of revenue. Medicare training can also help you learn to follow billing processes and avoid denials properly.

Documentation requirements for chiropractic services are complex and a leading cause of Medicare improper payments. Learn how to understand better Medicare’s documentation guidelines and how to improve your chiropractic patient records.

Medicare opens the door to a new group of patients who may not have been able to afford chiropractic services. This new source of revenue will help your practice thrive.

Medicare has extensive documentation requirements. Doctors of chiropractic need to understand these requirements to be compliant.

HR 3654, introduced in the 117th Congress, is intended to modernize current laws on Medicare coverage of chiropractic.

As the baby boomer generation ages, many are eligible for Medicare coverage. By accepting Medicare, your practice can access this large population of patients.

Misconceptions persist about chiropractic Medicare coverage, including a belief that there is a 12-visit cap or limit for covered services. Learn how to dispel these myths with this comprehensive training course.

Providing Medicare billing training to your current patient base helps cast a wider net for referrals. In addition, hosting a new-patient orientation class is an excellent way to encourage patients to bring friends and family.

Research demonstrates that Medicare beneficiaries who receive chiropractic care experience enhanced clinical outcomes, including lower costs, fewer medical physician visits, and less back surgery expense and disability.

Increased Patient Retention

Practices that accept Medicare provide a valuable service for older patients. They can help guide them toward sustainable wellness.

Patient retention is essential for your chiropractic business. Ensure your patients remain committed to their care plans by providing feedback they understand. Forecasting care, online scheduling, and frictionless payments are all key. Frequent contact also allows you to automate educational messages and recalls.

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